Welcome to the world of GREEN! Where we use this colour to be able to put moving pictures on top of each other and hide the joins! It's sort of like a jigsaw! Only in this jigsaw, the pieces are EXACTLY the same size, have transparent areas in them (anything green that the camera sees turns transparent), and are placed on top of each other in EXACTLY the same place! You can try it at home by having three sheets of tracing paper and drawing, say, Adil on one, Sophie and Emma on another, and a picture of the living room on the third. Put them on top of each other and, hey presto, there are four people in the room!

It works like this: the most important part is making sure the camera does not move at all while we film the separate pieces. This is so important that, after starting the process of filming the pieces, traffic cones and a tape barrier are put around the camera - like something out of CSI Miami!! - so that no-one so much as breathes near it while the crew set up the filming of the second and third pieces! If it is knocked or touched by accident, the whole scene has to be shot again because the frame of each shot would not match up, the pieces wouldn't fit on top of each other and it would just look wrong!!

See how the Genie in the House team create the flying carpet you see in the episode "Rock Me Amadeus"!

Flying Carpet

It's like having to dance with someone who isn't there!

Special effects Clones!

Cavedad's Cave!

Cavedad's Cave!

The Norton's living room becomes M's Headquarters!

Living Room HQ!

Dull Mr. Hull gets some lessons in magic!

She Flies!!!

All clips produced by Céline Maciejewski

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